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Post 11: Who Needs To Know About Your PLN

  Something that immediately comes to mind when reflecting on my experience in this course is that I just have been thinking about social media and my usage of it more than I ever have in the past. Before this… Continue Reading →

Post 10: Engaging Your PLN

The beauty of your PLN is that it can evolve with you, and continue to grow as you do both personally and professionally. It isn’t uncommon as people go through their lives and join the workforce that they end up… Continue Reading →

Post 9: PLN and Communications

Throughout the course of these blog posts I have touched on inclusivity and diversity a few times, and this week’s topic in regards to PLN being curated to minimize bias as well as identity being reflected online is another great… Continue Reading →

Post 8: Media Literacy

We are constantly in an overwhelm of information and opinions, and it can be very easy to feel the immense weight of information and the way that it is affected. That is why the ability to think critically, evaluate intentions,… Continue Reading →

Post 7: Balancing PLN and Public Discourse

Notable individuals do have a vastly different social media experience than the average person. While they may post similar things; pretty foods, pretty landscapes, selfies, or photos with family – everything that a notable individual posts is amplified and scrutinized… Continue Reading →

Post 6: Community Engagement

As technology rapidly evolves and the platforms used to get information change and evolve with it – community engagement and accessibility take on a whole new life. Before, public forums were much less accessible, and people turned to traditional media… Continue Reading →

Post 5: PLN in Practice

When considering how to create a PLN in regards to building a podcast, I would think the most important thing to consider is mutual interest as well as intention. Asking the questions, are the people I’m letting into my PLN… Continue Reading →

Post 4: My PLN and Inclusion

Inclusion in education is of the utmost importance. In a time where there are people of all different kinds of ethnicities, backgrounds, sexualities, and even more all converge together – especially in an educational context where they are still young… Continue Reading →

Post 3: Personal Digital Identity vs Professional Digital Identity

Students have so many digital platforms at their disposal to help them develop their professional network, with one of the most common being Twitter from my own personal experience. Other common ones are Linked in, or even something like Facebook… Continue Reading →

Post 2: Digital Identity

What is a digital identity? As this week’s reading Dear Internet! Who am I? states, “Identity is what it means to be who one is including the qualities and beliefs, distinguishing a person or a group from others.” So with… Continue Reading →

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